Established in 1845 by James Raymond as a family cemetery, Raymond Hill Cemetery was deeded to the Trustees of Gilead Presbyterian church in 1849.  In 1900 control of the property was assumed by a non-profit corporation owned by the plot holders.  The corporation is managed by 12 Directors elected by the plot owners.

Rules and Regulations

Relating to

Plot Decorations

  • No glass containers of any kind.
  • No wire fencing.
  • Plastic flowers permitted only between Nov. 1st and Feb 15th These must be in containers!!
  • No metal or plastic rods.
  • No plastic, glass, metal ornaments or balloons permitted.
  • All plantings are subject to prior approval of cemetery management.
  • All shrubs and plantings not to “exceed” 36 inches in height or infringe on other plots or monuments.
  • Eternal lights, solar lights or any kind of lights, limit one per plot.
  • Planted areas in front of monuments, not to exceed 12 inches in depth and width of monument.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • All holiday ornaments, decorations will be removed within 2 weeks after holidays.

Columbarium Rules and Regulations

All burial rights sold in Raymond Hill Cemetery (“RHC”) are held by the purchasers subject to necessary rules and regulations as the Directors of RHC may, from time to time, find necessary for the common good. Therefore, the rules below are those which seem essential to maintain a sense of order and dignity for the final resting place of your deceased.

  1. Interment in a niche is restricted to the internment of human remains.

  1. Niches are required to be paid for in full prior to any interment being performed.

  1. Interments will not be permitted until the funeral services provided by RHC are paid in full.

  1. All openings and closings of niche spaces will be performed only by RHC employees. All internments shall be made only by employees of RHC.  The opening fee of a niche is $300.00 providing the service is held Monday thru Friday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Prices are in effect 4/11/2017 but subject to change.

  1. The internal dimensions of all niches are 12” by 12” by 12”.

  1. The capacity of a niche is limited to two urns of timeless material, i.e., bronze, wood or ceramic. Temporary containers and objects of a personal nature, other than an approved urn, may not be placed in a niche.

  1. Inscriptions on the face of the niche will limited to bronze plaques, available only through the cemetery, in either of two sizes: ten (10)inches wide by eight (8) inches high (full plaque) or ten (10) inches wide and four(4) inches high (half plaque).  See examples below.

  1. The prices of the plaques are, $450.00 for the full plaque and $325 for the half plaque which includes installation. Insignias such as military branch of service and non-standard artwork may incur an additional charge and subject to approval of the Board of Directors. Prices are in effect 4/11/2017 but subject to change.

  1. To avoid conflicting services all interments must be scheduled through the business office.

  1. Flowers or any other ornamentation on the face of the niche will not be permitted. Flowers at the time of the service are permitted to be placed at the base of the columbarium but will be removed within 2 -3 days of the service by RHC personnel.

  1. The use of incense, candles, solar lights or any open flame are prohibited.