Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if a loved one has died or is dying?

To make immediate arrangements, please contact the Raymond Hill Cemetery office at 845-225-4632 or email  We will guide you through the process whether you have burial or columbarium space already or need to purchase one that suits your needs.  Raymond Hill Cemetery will work closely with your funeral home funeral director to coordinate the details of the service.  If you do not have a funeral home, please refer to the list of local funeral homes here.

Is there space left at Raymond Hill Cemetery?

Yes, we have different options including burial and columbarium spaces available.  We have options of which you may not be aware.  Please contact the Raymond Hill Cemetery office at 845-225-4632 or email  We will find an interment option that suits your needs.

How much does it cost?

Please view and download our price list here.  We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who owns Raymond Hill Cemetery?

Raymond Hill Cemetery is a private, non-profit corporation and is governed by a board of Trustees.  It is owned by the deed owners who have purchased plots and niches (encased spaces that house cremated remains) located on the premises.  Raymond Hill Cemetery is run by a Board of Directors. They meet once a month and have a yearly annual meeting where the public is invited (it’s posted in the local paper one month prior to meeting).

What interment options are available?

Raymond Hill Cemetery offers interment through ground burial and columbarium niche or traditional burial.  We can accomodate single graves or companion graves.  We also allow for private mausoleums.  We are proud of our veterans and have interred over 528 veterans.  We are currently building and will soon offer a veterans’ columbarium.

What options are available for veterans?

Raymond Hill Cemetery is very proud of its veterans and prides itself on caring for over 528 interred veterans.  We will also feature a columbarium for veterans after construction commences.  Please see our Veterans page for more information on resources available to our brave veterans for whom we are so grateful.

Can I still have a traditional burial if I choose cremation?

You absolutely can still have a traditional burial and or funeral services if you choose cremation as your form of disposition.  A funeral is a ritual that allows the living to show respect for the deceased and to acknowledge their loss.  It helps to heal the pain of those left behind and provides a place to visit their loved ones.

Can I plan this in advance when I am not in need?

Absolutely.  Planning in Advance, pre-arrangement or pre-planning as it is termed is a great idea.  There are many benefits to planning in advance.  It provides peace of mind to you and your loved ones knowing your wishes will be observed.   Contact us today to make your arrangements in advance.