Columbarium for cremations

Columbaria are structures that are built to house cremated remains of those who prefer to be placed above ground.  Columbarium are built out of local stone to withstand the weather. 

In addition to our existing columbarium pictured here, Raymond Hill Cemetery is looking into constructing a brand new columbarium.  Custom created for our cemetery, this beautiful granite structure will house and protect the cremated remains of our veterans.

Over 528 brave veterans have given their lives and been put to rest at Raymond Hill Cemetery in Carmel, NY.  We are honored to help those who have served the United States forces to ensure this country’s citizens enjoy their freedom.

If you are a veteran interested in obtaining space in our future columbarium, please contact us to reserve your loved ones location.

Columbarium spaces are still available.  These may be purchased at the time of need or in advance.  Please see the price list here: