Angel Wallenda, “the Flying Wallendas”

March 20, 1968 – May 3, 1996

Maiden name Elizabeth Pintye, Angel’s husband nicknamed her Angel.  Angel was born n Tarrytown, Westchester County New York. She died in Pennsyvalnia in Sayre of Bradford County.

Angel Wallenda is best known as a circus tight wire acrobat as a member of the famous aerialists “the Flying Wallendas.”
She married Steven Wallenda, grand nephew of Karl Wallenda. They later divorced.

She was diagnosed with cancer at age 17 and had to have her leg amputated and lungs removed. She became the only person to ever walk the high wire with an artificial leg.

She overcame tremendous obstacles from child abuse to cancer.  She died from the effects of cancer at age 28.

link to New York Times article:
New York Times article Angel Wallenda